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Book Review & Impressions Soulful Simplicity: How living with less can lead to so much more by Courtney Carver

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Non Fiction

Subject: Minimalism, Lifestyle, Simplicity in Practice

We recently sold our home, reduced our belongings by half, moved across states, and started on a path of intentional living. Living, being the keyword here. Not chasing money, earning it, then spending it on stuff that we didn’t have time to enjoy. No, no more of that. We wanted to start actually experiencing our lives more fully and being present to each moment on this beautiful journey of life. We cannot say we were completely certain about our decisions and we were not sure this move was the right way to go. But we were sure that what our materialistic life was not a source of lasting joy for us and there had to be a better way to live.

And as luck would have it, a couple of months into our move, I chanced upon this book. In this book I have found several recent thoughts that predominate my mind, taken a few steps further. It seems as though Courtney Carver has walked this same path and come to similar conclusions. Reading about her journey gave me hope, and confidence that we are not the only ones disillusioned by the materialistic way of life. There are others who have sought more from life. Not more things but more living.

For instance, Project 333 spoke to my deep desire to eliminate the many choices I evaluate on a daily basis. I have been seeking to create a consistent, professional look that I don’t have to recreate every day I go to work. The guidelines of Project 333 provide the structure to doing just that. Of course in these days of quarantine, this approach has to be modified to suit our work from home lives. Yet there is value in this method and I plan to adopt a modified for quarantine approach starting June 1, 2020. 

Her morning rituals, focus on deep and restorative sleep, are all endeavors I have taken up lately in lieu of television, shopping, and trying to organize my many purchases. The habit stacking approach she recommends has worked wonders in helping me build a morning ritual and I am now working on an evening ritual to complement it.

Courtney speaks further to her daily yoga ritual. How Yoga changed her life resonates deeply with me. I can see how the benefits of this blissful practice extend way beyond the mat and permeate into everything you do, and who you become as a result.

There are many actionable ideas in this book and yet it does not seem to promote a ‘quick fix’ approach. Nor is there a leaning towards a ‘once size fits all’ approach. There is a deep acknowledgment that whereas we all seek happiness, love, and peace, our individual journeys can have many flavors. Courtney’s gentle surfacing of our deep desires and the power we have to make these aspirations a part of our life is at once inspiring and restorative. This book will move you towards action in a subtle way and what’s more, it will teach you to love yourself above all. All discussions in this book stem from the fundamental principle of self-care.

A word of caution, a lot of Courtney’s comments point to her former life of compulsive buying and financial irresponsibility. You, the reader, may have different issues to deal with and you can project Courtney’s messages to your issues. So if you are not a compulsive buyer, then don’t think this book is not for you. You may be a victim of mindless eating , or workaholism, or something else. Use her techniques to approach your challenges.

I would not only recommend you read this book but also reread it. At different stages in your life, you will get different insight from this calming book.


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