Death is a beautiful thing

With utter heart break

Comes excruciating pain

And as you step into the pain

You get deep insight

In its grief stricken state

The heart opens up to prayer

Death strikes like a bolt of lightning

For a brief moment? It lifts the darkness

Illuminating the world, it puts things into perspective

And we can see our place in the universe

How we started in the cradle

But are headed to the grave

And having seen it once

We can’t unsee it-

The insignificance of it all

Our irresolute pursuits

And vain efforts

Death is a beautiful thing

Yet, soon we forget

We allow the darkness to drop

And start living again in false pretense

As though we never saw the picture

That lightning once illuminated in the night

Burying the truth in plain sight

We recommence our mundane efforts

Running fast in no certain direction

But we don’t have to

We have a choice

If we so choose, we can remember

Remember our place in the universe

Where we started and where we are headed

And knowing that, we begin to consider

What efforts deserve our time

and what thoughts our attention.

Death is a beautiful thing!


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