Find The Courage To Survive

To own my life means to own my woundsTo let the blood flow and grow me upTo wear my scars with prideAnd find the courage to survive.

Moonlight and Water

Many moonlit nights ago At another park By another pond Under different trees Watching dusk unfold I had been seated Between my parents. Deeper than the shade of those trees Was the cool comfort Of their loving grace I was a little girl The world was large and wonderful And in the care of the …

A Brown Girl

An Indian girl dressed in bridal finery, looking down, eyes, shielded, but standing tall

Is it my brown skin that you don't like?Or that despite my brown skin,I stand where I do?Or maybe you don't likethat I was born a girland I was to stand behindmy man while he baskedin all the glory.But instead, although I am a girl,I take center-stageand take the applausefor my life's work.Or maybe it …

Serene Summer Nights

Serene summer nights!No picture of the soft breeze,Nor of the sound of falling water,Nor of the tiny fireflies that accompany meAs I stroll on the deck… No mention of the heartbeatsIntermittently racing and calmLike thunder in the distanceDelivering lightning strikes of a coming stormAnd yet urging I dwell in the stillnessBefore it comes No glimpse …

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