Mom’s Bhajans

This page is my Mother’s Day gift to my Mom, this May 10, 2020. We are geographically located so far apart! And, at least in the near future, there is no hope of us meeting in person given all the travel bans related to COVID19. Usually, I send her flowers or cake to celebrate her day. But this year I wanted to give a gift to her that is also the gift of her. I want to present her aura for the world to bask in. In this way, I am sharing my Mom and all her loving grace with this planet.

My mom loves to sing. And she sings Gujarati bhajans (Hindu devotional songs). A lot of these she has learned from hearing her mother sing them. Several artists in recent years have sung these professionally but a good chunk of these bhajans, I have heard only from my Mom’s singing.

This is then a repository of these soothing pieces of music, sung by my talented Mom. Each time I hear these I feel a deep sense of peace and I hope you feel something just as soothing when you listen to these.

Hope you enjoy listening to these and please do share your comments below. My mom will appreciate your feedback.


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