The Power of Words

Words – so powerful and so magical! Have you ever wondered what it is that draws us to our books and our journals every day? Seeking words. Words that can transform, words that can heal, and words that can uplift.

Words have a power that they seem to draw from the writer and sometimes the reader. But often, they take on a life all of their own. And in those moments, they become bigger than both the writer and the reader. The experience of those moments is what draws us to the written word – be it in a book or in a journal.

To be a writer then, is no trivial matter. It is a huge responsibility that you carry on the tip of your pen. Your words have more power than you know when you are crafting them letter by letter. Because when letters become words, words sentences and sentences become paragraphs, there has been a creation of something magical. This magic was not there when you began writing. It came to be as a result of your writing.

So writers beware. Be wary and careful that you handle this magic with skill. Hold back your ego, your personal ideas, opinions, and interpretations. Let the words speak for themselves. Your job is to faithfully narrate the truth the words will reveal. You and your pen are merely a medium.


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