2022 Year In Books

One of the many gifts of 2022 is the hundred books I was able to read. Here I have shared my insights as well as a short list of some of my best reads of the year

Black Chhole For Navratri

Without onion and garlic Growing up in Mumbai, a lot of my neighbors were from North India and devotees of the Goddess. They had special celebrations during Navratri and young girls, representing the Goddess herself, were invited. As a little girl I had several invitations in the neighborhood. Each home was fragrant with incense and …

A Brown Girl


Is it my brown skin that you don't like?
Or that despite my brown skin,
I stand where I do?

Or maybe you don't like
that I was born a girl
and I was to stand behind
my man while he basked
in all the glory.

But instead, although I am a girl,
I take center-stage
and take the applause
for my life's work.

Or maybe it has nothing
to do with me;
You just have a gnawing wound
and to avoid the pain
you must pass it on.

Or maybe your hate
is a strange itch
that you must scratch
for it will only pause
when I weep because of your deeds.

But this cannot be!
This brown girl
will continue to do her life's work
continue to take center stage
and accept the glory
that is hers.

This glory is her God-given right
hers because she is human

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