Changing Times

This morning, I awoke early, not with the rising sun but rather with the moonlight in my eyes. It was the wee hours of dawn, when I witnessed the glorious full moon dropping to the horizon. Last night, when I walked in my neighborhood, she was high up in the sky and lit up the path so beautifully with her silver aura. Today though she leaves to brighten the other side of the globe.

When the sun rises, the moon has to set. Not because she is less radiant, but because this is not her sky. She is the queen of dark skies and the day beckons the sun, the king of the bright skies. She must bow down to the fading night and move to another world, where another night sky awaits her. There, once again, she will shine her radiant silver and brighten the paths of those night travelers. For that is her destiny.

But sometimes the moon turns futile – trying to stay in the morning sky and shine her most brilliant. But there is no glory in that. Her brilliance is lost to the world for this is not her sky. She must move on.

This made me realize how my sky had changed too. I had stayed too long.

Why do we do this? Why do we overstay our welcome? Trying to make a broken relationship work, or survive a toxic workspace, or be in a friend group that does not warm our hearts anymore? We don’t even acknowledge these situations, how they have changed, and how we no longer belong. Because once we acknowledge the sub-optimal life situations, we will be obliged to change them. And we are afraid of change. Afraid to be newly single, afraid to be the newbie at a brand new job, and afraid to be vulnerable, to build a friendship from the ground up. Fear of the unknown keeps us in these undesirable situations.

But resisting change is futile. Whether we like it or not, the world is changing every minute. We cannot prevent change from happening. All we can do is try and select our own flavor of change; nudge life in a direction that we think is better. There is no shame in wanting more, better, and nicer. That is our duty on this planet – to keep working towards a better tomorrow. And if it means making changes, small or big, we should be ok to do so. Isn’t it?


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