Confidence is Contagious

In teams, families, friend groups, and entire nations, confidence is contagious.

Fear plants self-doubt, shakes confidence, hunches shoulders, breaks spirits, and limits aspirations. It basically brings entire communities down. In the same way, an ounce of confidence goes a long way. It pulls us higher, breaks us free, raises our morale and our goals to new heights. It sets forth a chain reaction of success after success and win after win.

When times are tough, even when all is well, we need someone to say unequivocally and in a ringing courageous voice that All is Well. That one person’s confidence then permeates into the hearts of many. And the many in turn pass on that sense of courage to many many more. It sets forth a chain reaction of good luck and happy coincidences – that one ounce of courage.

To the confidence of the choice few, the queens among commons, I raise a toast. Here’s to hope, here’s to joy, and here’s to Happily Ever Afters. So away with the fear and the despair. May we lead ourselves and our communities to ever growing courage and confidence. Take that first step and then God himself whispers in your ears and urges you onwards.

And what will you I do with all my newly minted confidence, you ask? I will dream, I will drift into realms of greater possibilities. I will paint, I will sing, and I will dance. I will dream, dream, dream to my heart’s content. Then I will reach, reach, reach till there isn’t another iota of strength in my bones.

What will you do with the confidence I just infect you with?


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