Serene Summer Nights

Serene summer nights!
No picture of the soft breeze,
Nor of the sound of falling water,
Nor of the tiny fireflies that accompany me
As I stroll on the deck…

No mention of the heartbeats
Intermittently racing and calm
Like thunder in the distance
Delivering lightning strikes of a coming storm
And yet urging I dwell in the stillness
Before it comes

No glimpse of the flowing mind
Drifting with the evening breeze
Soaring with the birds
And flowing with the stream.
Summer nights and fairy lights,

It is dusk. The evening sky is indecisive between day and night. There are fairy lights on a deck and someone is sitting on a chair with feet stretched on the opposite chair.

4 Replies to “Serene Summer Nights”

      1. Thank you Alrak! However, when I went to check your comment I did not find it posted. Perhaps something went wrong?


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