What I thought of The Rosie Project by Graeeme Simsion

Book Blog ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeeme Simsion

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    • Genre: Fiction
    • Subject: Romantic comedy, mental disability, genetics

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The Rosie Project: A Novel

This book is the first in the Rosie Project Series. If you are looking for a story with the right measure of surprises and comic encounters as we weather this terrible pandemic, this is just the book for you. The backdrop of this story is a university in Australia where Don Tillman’  is a charming yet socially challenged genetics professor.

“But why, why, why can’t people just say what they mean?”
― Graeme Simsion, The Rosie Project

Don’s close friends are his confidants and guides as he navigates his rigorously organized and scheduled life on the campus.  Despite the unrelenting rigor of his daily habits, there is an endearing side to him. Just as you start to think Don is the most heartwarming character in the book, Rosie shows up. Rosie will charm you with her fierce feminism, independence, intelligence, and her compassionate personality. She seems to be everything Don’s mind didn’t want. But as it turns out she is everything his heart desires. This is yet another illustration of the fact that love is blind, that only your heart can tell you who is the right person for you and not your head. When you meet that person, you will know. And then, it doesn’t matter how many items on your list they check or don’t, you will likely just toss the list.

Don, socially misfit as he is, valiantly navigates the many challenges he encounters and learns to overcome his lifelong difficulties in interacting with other human beings. He also learns to surrender aspects of his organized way of life and gives in to the spontaneous delights that Rosie’s company brings his way.

“And how could I be sure that other people were not doing the same—playing the game to be accepted but suspecting all the time that they were different?”
― Graeme Simsion, The Rosie Project

This is one book that has simple settings and everyday characters but the story is well-conceived and executed. In that sense, this has been a breath of fresh air.

Through the university campus, gay bars, and the streets of New York, this book is a page-turner and will keep you hooked until the very end. And if you are into audiobooks, this book is narrated in the most charming but easy to understand Australian accent.

The Rosie Project Book Cover
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The Rosie Project: A Novel

A quick summary of the story is below (Spoiler Alert):

Don embarks on a journey to find the perfect life partner and launches The Wife Project. After several iterations of a checklist he designed to find the perfect spouse, he is introduced to Rosie, who is in search of her biological father. While Don is sure that Rosie does not fit the role of his perfect spouse, he nonetheless wants to spend time with her and takes on The Father Project. As they work together on following all possible leads to finding Rosie’s biological father, he finally realizes that at the end of the day it was all about Rosie and he finally embraces The Rosie Project. The rest is history

This is one of the best romantic comedy books I read in 2020 and I hope you enjoy it too. If the first in the trilogy is so good, I will be looking forward to reading the next two as well.

The Rosie Effect

The Rosie Result

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