My 100 book journey

2020 reading goals – the year of a hundred books

2020 is a monumental year in so many ways. Our family has seen major life changes this year. And then came the pandemic. It shook our worlds and changed our lives forever.

The one thing that stays constant is those steadfast friends we call books. Books have been my salvation through the gawky middle school days and lonely adult evenings. They have shown me the world, introduced me to celebrities, taught me about the world, this beautiful planet, it’s green mountains and blue waters. Above all, they have taught me about myself.

I had started this year with a reasonable target of reading 50 books ( I read 56 last year). This seemed like something I could make happen in the midst of all the life changes. But it turns out I needed more books, more sanctuaries and more safe havens this year. I needed more mirrors into my soul and more windows into the world. I needed more books. Come April, I knew a change was needed. Should I maybe increase my goal to 75? Then I thought, heck, go big or go home. What is wrong with setting a daunting target and then breaking the barriers to achieve it. And so the target went from 50 to 100.

I have read so much non-fiction in 2019. Some amazing thinkers and their original ideas have come my way. But this year, my heart desired more. I needed some stories that would warm my heart or break it into bits. I needed some friends – protagonists who would show me the world in reading their life stories. All their adventures, joys, sorrows, and triumphs would be mine to know. All while sheltering in place during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Here I am friends. It is the end of May and I have read just under 40 books. See the list of books I have read so far here.

I am not even halfway there but my heart is full of anticipation at the many pages of adventure coming my way. All that I will learn and who I will become!

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