Another Corona Evening

Outside my window, the air is gray and damp. The deep green leaves of ‘Karen’ outside my window are drooping as though beaten down by the frequent lashing of heavy rain drops. And yet the leaves are shiny green. Washed away is the grime and layers of dirt that had accumulated on their faces. They shine! Like little babies fresh out of the bath, these leaves too have an aura of freshness, innocence and fragrant pureness.

The leaves stay unmoving in the still air of this evening as though mirroring the stillness of the neighborhood. The silent houses, finally turning on the evening lights after yet another day of staying home from school, work, play. Every family member goes about their tasks unobtrusively, carefully stepping around the elephant in the room.

The haunting fear that this incurable virus brings! The frequent hand washing, the fervent cleaning, the constant worry of coming close to anyone or anything. And doing all of this while dealing with the endless stream of worries within. Will I or one of my loved ones be it’s next victim? Will it go soon, this pandemic, or stay and continue to terrorize people, jobs, stock market, lifetime savings and more? How can this be real? A tiny virus has brought the most powerful nation in the world on it’s knees after tormenting so many other countries! Where will this path ahead of us lead? It’s darkness seems so profound and complete! All these questions are on all our minds but none of our tongues.

We just continue with our every day lives. Folding the laundry, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and wiping the counters one more time as though not acknowledging these tormenting images in our minds will make them go away. As if all those unknowns in our future don’t really have the power to unsettle our lives any more than they already have.

All these images flow through my mind as my eyes remain fixed on the green leaves outside my window. They seem to be slowly nodding off to sleep like the babies after a bath – unaware of the tumultuous minds of their caretakers and the elephants in their rooms!

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