Learning to feed the good wolf…

Some beautiful thoughts that children and adults alike can benefit from!

A Lab Called Life

Like with my daughter, the concept of good and bad wolf has started becoming part of regular parlance in class. That makes me very happy because this simple parable drives home some very important lessons and provides fodder for some rich discussions… Here’s a link to the story in case you haven’t read it before. http://www.oneyoufeed.net/tale-of-two-wolves/

The first one is awareness. Without this paramount quality, we end up functioning in auto pilot mode, a victim to unconsciously created mind patterns, a rudderless boat, just going with the current. This parable helps look within, become aware of our thoughts, words and actions and also start identifying and discerning between helpful and unhelpful patterns.

The second one is externalization. We often say things like good boy/ bad girl etc. to reinforce good/bad behaviour. But putting such labels, though the intention be good, often backfires. Much has been written about it…

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