Christmas morning 2019

I woke up on this chilly Christmas morning with a half smile on my face. I had just completed a significantly laborious project at work and had finally gotten to a point where I could stop, relax and savor the joy of this beautiful day.

Jumping out of bed with the same enthusiasm as little children waking up to open their presents, I quickly changed and readied myself for the Christmas morning gift I had selected for myself – a solitary walk in the park. Some time to be alone, breath in some fresh air, to listen to my own heart beating and to just be. The incessant rain had taken a little break which gave me a precious window of opportunity to take that walk. I quickly grabbed my woolies to protect against the chilly morning and ran out the door. As I walked down the street I saw a little girl in a blue hoodie walking her dog. The precious duo  brought up a big smile on my face as I know I have a furry friend in my future too!

Turning the corner, a few deep breaths later I started to settle into my thoughts  and there was a resurfacing my desire to ‘do something’. For a while now, I have wanted to do something to give back , to think beyond my own immediate needs and help make the world a better place. Perhaps pick a charity to help or a target group of people that I wanted to help support. I thought about the homeless, women’s support groups and then I thought about children. And such were my thoughts as I continued my walk towards the park. The rain had washed everything and made it pristine, clean and sparkling with raindrops. Everything was beautiful, fresh and full of life.

And in that moment I looked around and realized the world is indeed a beautiful place. It was really I who needed to change my perspective see this beautiful planet in all its grandeur. They say what you focus on expands. Now if that is true, I thought, then really the best way to make the world a better place is to change your own perspective. To see the beauty of nature and the goodness of people. And when you move through the world with this kind of a perspective you spread that aura of gratitude everywhere you go. In your presence, as though to meet your expectations, people become the best versions of themselves. Like a self fulfilling prophecy, they will become as great, brave, kind, generous and loving as you can think them to be.

And when I thought about it this way, I realized there can’t be any better way to help people than to awaken them to their own divinity, their innate greatness and to make them aware of the blessing that they are to this planet as they inhabit it for a little while.

So this Christmas morning I have come up with my New Year’s resolution. I will see everything that is good, smart, bright, brave and kind in every person I interact with. I will be mindful of their divinity and treat them like the gods that they are. And in so doing, I will inspire them to be the most glorious and fantastic versions of themselves. This is how I will give back to the world – at least for now.

So help me God.

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