Book blog ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink’s Drive has been on my reading list for a while and I wasn’t disappointed when I finally read it.

This book is packed with so much insight and yet it’s messages are simply stated.
He introduced concepts such as ‘what science know’ and ‘what business does’. The gap between the two is indeed eye-opening. It will transform your management style steering you away from the age-old carrot and stick approach. More importantly, it will teach you self management and personal leadership.

I believe this insight will also be very valuable in interacting with millennials. Based on interactions I have had with some stellar millennial minds, I have come to believe they are more ‘Type I’ than any of the previous generations. There is valuable insight here for both managing or parenting millennials.

Finally, the reading list at the end of the book is outstanding. This book should be mandatory reading for all new managers although it is also valuable also for individual contributors as it will help them better understand their own drive.

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