Book Blog ‘Unmarriageable’ by Soniah Kamal

Soniah hasn’t just written a novel she has also brought forth life in a former British colony and how those values still prevail in our societies so many years after the end of colonialism . Her emphasis on our relationship with the English language particularly hit home as someone who grew up receiving all her education in English whereas her heart spoke a different language. And Soniah Kamal accomplished all this while staying true to the story and spirit of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ which is no small feat if you consider how many people hold this book in the highest esteem.

For these, and too many more reasons to name here, I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who would want some serious insight baked into a ‘light, bright and sparkling’ story. Soniah, I am sure Jane Austen is smiling down upon you from wherever she is. Keep writing and power on!

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