Book blog ‘The Passion Test’ by Janet and Chris Attwood

This book was recommended to me by my sister and so far every book she has recommended has beed really good so I tool up this book right away.

At the onset I like that the book was very direct and the Passion test itself was introduced in the first few pages. The background behind the concept and the test itself was well described with just the right amount of detail.

Without much ado, I plunged into the passion test, a little skeptic but curious all the same. I realize that coming up with my top five passions was really just the beginning. But describing them in a lot of detail helped me understand what I really wanted. They say the devil is in the details and that is certainly true for the passion test. The clarity that the process brings is really its biggest offering.

The later part of the book is more about experiences of different people and strong messages from each of them. Each person featured has a very unique and special perspective that is very well summarize at the end of each chapter.

Overall I give this book 5 stars and would certainly want to read it again . And I will be taking the passion test again in a short period of time as recommended .
Also the passion is a great website with a lot of resources . I would certainly recommend browsing this website after you have finished reading the book.
Hope you enjoy the profound experience that reading this book brings . I would love to hear your opinion on the book after you read it. So please do share your comments.

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