Why do we chase things we know aren’t good for us?

Constantly running from place to place, job to job, task to task and person to person. What is it we are trying to accomplish? What are we trying to escape or what is it we seek? Just as soon as things quiet down on the outside, the din within surfaces and becomes unbearable to the self.

I don’t have answers to all your questions, mind! Nor do I know how to extract myself from the situations you tell me are not good for me. I keep living one day at a time and working on the ‘next thing’ hoping this undercurrent of noise, the alerts that are ringing warning bells in my mind will quiet themselves or go somewhere else. I know you are telling me something needs to be fixed, something corrected and I know not what or how. So instead of sitting still and confronting the inner turmoil, I move. To a different city, a different job, a different friend or a different task. The view keeps changing and yet the noise within remains the same.

But wait! Here comes my friend Faith. She tells me that finding I have a problem is already the beginning of the solution. If I know the question, I already have the answer though I am not yet aware of it. It will come to me. It seeks me as much as I seek it. Me finding the answers to my questions is salvation both for me and for the situation. We are both meant to be in a better place and we know it is calling for us too.

‘So hang in there dear friend’, says Faith. ‘I am here and so long as you don’t lose me, we will find the light at the end of the tunnel. Doesn’t matter which place, job or person you end up with, the light will be yours forever. So meanwhile, just take a deep breath, take a sip of tea, and wait it out.’


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